Niftyadj. particularly good, skillful, or effective; fashionable; stylish.

VEIN & NIFTY is all about crafting stylish but effective digital marketing assets. If you’re aiming for beautiful AND sellable e-books, media kits, presentation decks, social media and email marketing — you’re at the right place.

The Designer

I’m Vanessa — owner and designer at Vein & Nifty. I love doing layout above all things graphic design. I get a sense of joy and zen in balancing text, images, colors and white space. More than a decade spent as a creative designing print, web and social media from multi-page brochures to virtual ads and websites — I’ve particularly found my heart and passion in crafting digital publications.

The thought of clicking a PDF or digital file open, scrolling on the pages and finding perfectly placed elements, in harmony with colors and typography gives me a feeling of spark and contentment. I always envision to deliver what my client and their recipients would be proud and happy to share.

More About Me

(collage graphics)

My Clients Are

  • Women entrepreneurs and professionals. They are active experts on their respective fields who are about to launch their businesses or products. They have a clear visual idea of their brand but are too busy managing the business.
  • Does not have time to learn or work on the design and digital marketing aspect of their business, because they want to focus on building client connections, business processes, and delivering their services. They have kept a list or draft of the materials they want to develop but cannot find time to sit down and do the work themselves.
  • Goal-getters who want to focus on the BIG PICTURE. They’ve made a plan of what they want to achieve this year and are streamlining to find a creative who can easily translate their visions into tangible marketing materials for print, web or social media.